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BioLegend Fellowship Program

BioLegend commits to making a total gift in the amount of $250,000 to the UC San Diego Foundation to establish a fully expendable fund entitled the “BioLegend Graduate Fellowship in Immunology”.
The award will provide $25,000 in support solely for tuition and fees for one year to a student beginning their second year in July or September 2024 enrolled in the Biological Sciences or Biomedical Sciences graduate programs. 

Applications are closed for 2023! Please check back for more information on the 2024 Fellowship in the fall. 

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BioLegend Fellowship Recipients

  • Alicia Gibbons

    Alicia Gibbons

    2023 Fellow
    Lab: Dr. Fotis Asimakopoulos
    Research Description:
    I study how stromal matrix remodeling products regulate antigen-presenting cells and how they can be harnessed therapeutically to promote immunogenic tumor microenvironments.
  • Alexandra Stream

    Alexandra Stream

    2023 Fellow
    Lab: Dr. Victor Nizet
    Research Description:
    Alex Stream is interested in autoimmunity, vaccine immunology, and immune correlates of protection relevant to the leading human pathogen group A Streptococcus (GAS) and the important post-infectious autoimmune complication of rheumatic heart disease. Her research centers on understanding how bacterial antigens trigger humoral and T cell-mediated immune and autoimmune responses.  
  • Sara Herrera-de-la-mata

    Sara Herrera-de-la-mata

    2022 Fellow
    Lab: Dr. Pandurangan Vijayanand
    Research Description:
    My research focuses on asthma, specifically on understanding the mechanisms driving disease severity. Severe asthma is defined as asthma requiring treatment with high dose inhaled corticosteroids plus a second controller and/or systemic corticosteroids to prevent it from becoming "uncontrolled" or asthma that remains "uncontrolled" despite this therapy. Severe uncontrolled asthmatic patients represent a distinct endotype with persistent airway inflammation and remodeling refractory to corticosteroid treatment, with changes in airway structural cells leading to progressive worsening of airflow obstruction and reduced breathing capacity. CD4+ T cells and their canonical effector molecules, like type 2 cytokines, play a central role in orchestrating asthma pathogenesis, and therapies targeting these cytokine pathways have had promising outcomes. However, only up to 50% of patients respond to treatment, and their effects are neither durable nor reverse airway remodeling in all cases. My goal is to elucidate how a specific CD4+ tissue-resident memory (TRM) T cell subset identified through single-cell RNA-sequencing in the airways of these severe asthmatic patients may be the driver of airway inflammation and how its interaction with airway structural cells may drive remodeling events in severe asthma.
  • Rasika Patkar

    Rasika Patkar

    2021 Fellow
    Lab: Dr. Li-Fan Lu
    Research Description:
    I study immune regulation by regulatory T cells in intestinal inflammation.
  • Nicole Siguenza

    Nicole Siguenza

    2021 Fellow
    Lab: Amir Zarrinpar
    Research Description:
    I engineer native bacteria to study the effect of specific functions on host health and disease.