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UC San Diego and the La Jolla Institute's unique partnership fosters shared research interests, collaboration, and the application of young scientists to all aspects of host immunity, with the goal of advancing immunological research and further distinguishing the San Diego region as a leader in the field.

The Program converges diverse individual and departmental research efforts from 86 laboratories at UC San Diego's School of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine and the La Jolla Institute, to cultivate interdisciplinary alliances and effect clinical translation of Immunology research.  Our collaboration encompasses a nascent Graduate Specialization in Biomedical Sciences and Biological Sciences, a Seminar Series, specialized Immunology training courses, as well as shared research services and fellowships.

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The Program in Immunology is a collaborative effort joining the resources, faculty, and laboratories of the La Jolla Institute and UC San Diego.



Prospective students interested in pursuing a PhD Specialization in Immunology at UC San Diego can apply to one of the two umbrella programs currently open on campus.

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