About the Program in Immunology

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The Program in Immunology is an emerging inter-institutional endeavor that assembles world-renowned researchers from across UC San Diego and the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Our unique partnership fosters shared research interests, collaboration, and the application of young scientists to all aspects of host immunity, with the goal of advancing immunological research and further distinguishing the San Diego region as a leader in the field.

The field of Immunology strives to better understand how the body’s immune responses can be deployed to both the prevention of and intervention in chronic diseases. With the advent of recent technologies, the field of Immunology is on the threshold of monumental strides in our understanding of the immune system, resulting in the treatment of numerous human diseases. 

Our Program represents a new coalition of intellect and resources with the ambition to be on the frontier of this movement. The UC San Diego–La Jolla Immunology partnership sponsors seminars by leading researchers from around the globe, develops advanced Immunology courses, and nurtures collaboration through a Pilot Grant program. By leveraging the strengths of our diverse faculty members alongside the assets of two top-tier institutions, we are synthesizing a dynamic approach to research and innovation in Immunology.


The Program in Immunology is a collaborative effort between the La Jolla Institute and UC San Diego.