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UC San Diego and the La Jolla Institute's unique partnership fosters shared research interests, collaboration, and the application of young scientists to all aspects of host immunity, with the goal of advancing immunological research and further distinguishing the San Diego region as a leader in the field.

The Program converges diverse individual and departmental research efforts from 86 laboratories at UC San Diego's Division of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine and the La Jolla Institute, to cultivate interdisciplinary alliances and effect clinical translation of Immunology research. Our collaboration encompasses a nascent Graduate Program, a Seminar Series, and Collaborative Pilot Grants for joint research projects between UC San Diego and the La Jolla Institute, and applications for postdoctoral and predoctoral training grants.


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Publication Spotlight

From our Program Members:

Imaging of the immune system - towards a subcellular and molecular understanding

  • Wen L, Fan Z, Mikulski Z, Ley K.
  • 2020 Mar 5
  • Journal of Cell Science

HMCES Functions in the Alternative End-Joining Pathway of the DNA DSB Repair during Class Switch Recombination in B Cells

  • Shukla V, Halabelian L, Balagere S, Samaniego-Castruita D, Feldman DE, Arrowsmith CH, Rao A, Aravind L.
  • 2020 Jan 16
  • Molecular  Cell 

PD-L1:CD80 Cis-Heterodimer Triggers the Co-stimulatory Receptor CD28 While Repressing the Inhibitory PD-1 and CTLA-4 Pathways

  • Zhao Y, Lee CK, Lin CH, Gassen RB, Xu X, Huang Z, Xiao C, Bonorino C, Lu LF, Bui JD, Hui E.
  • 2019 Dec 17
  • Immunity

Loss of TET2 and TET3 in regulatory T cells unleashes effector function

  • Xiaojing Yue, Chan-Wang J. Lio, Daniela Samaniego-Castruita, Xiang Li, and Anjana Rao 
  • 1 May 2019
  • Nature Communications

Solution NMR spectroscopy of GPCRs: Residue-specific labeling strategies with a focus on 13C-methyl methionine labeling of the atypical chemokine receptor ACKR3

  • Andrew B. Kleist, Francis Peterson, Robert C. Tyler, Martin Gustavsson, Tracy M. Handel, and Brian F. Volkman
  • 2019
  • Methods in Cell Biology

Zika Virus Protease Cleavage of Host Protein Septin-2 Mediates Mitotic Defects in Neural Progenitors

  • Hongda Li, Laura Saucedo-Cuevas, Ling Yuan, Danica Ross, Anide Johansen, Daniel Sands, Valentina Stanley, Alicia Guemez Gamboa, Anne Gregor, Todd Evans, Shuibing Chen, Lei Tan, Henrik Molina, Nicholas Sheets, Sergey A. Shiryaev, Alexey V. Terskikh, Amy S. Gladfelter, Sujan Shresta, Zhiheng Xu, and Joseph G. Gleeson
  • 20 March 2019
  • Neuron 
  • Rachel M. Pyke, Raphael Genolet, Alexandre Harari, George Coukos, David Gfeller, and Hannah Carter
  • 14 March 2019
  • Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing


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The Program in Immunology is a collaborative effort joining the resources, faculty, and laboratories of the La Jolla Institute and UC San Diego.